Educational Session #2 – Winning Communications

The COVID era has made communication more complicated than ever before. We’re now entering the hybrid era for workplaces. Having everyone working remotely presented a major challenge, and it’s one that many organizations actually handled quite well. However, as we move forward we’re likely going to have a mix of on-site and remote workers. The same practices that got us through the early stages of the pandemic will need to be changed and adapted to the hybrid workplace. Effective communication was challenging enough when everyone was in the office, how we manage communication with people spread across the city or the nation will determine the success or failure of any project and potentially any organization.

Rick’s program will focus on the importance of communicating the strategy at all levels. It will give strategies for rebuilding trust which is very critical for effective communication. Most importantly, it will help leaders understand that communication isn’t just a soft skill, it’s a necessary tool for any organization, and any career, to succeed.

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