Tuesday General Session Featuring MCAA President Rick Gopffarth, 10-year anniversary of Everyday Hero, and Alex Sheen

DOORS: 8:00 a.m.

Join us for day two as MSCA Chair Renee Fiorelli invites us to share our gifts and give back to the community as we celebrate 10 years of MSCA Everyday Heroes. MCAA President Rick Gopffarth will share his insights on the industry, what he has seen throughout the year, and what he thinks will be coming in 2024 and beyond.

Then, our morning keynote speaker Alex Sheen will talk about the belief that every individual has the strength to become a person of their word, sharing his insights and actionable ways to become better at fulfilling commitments. Through his “because I said I would” movement, he has inspired others to become more accountable to their promises.

Come celebrate our Everyday Heroes and find motivation to follow through on your word.