General Session – Process Over Product

MSCA Chair Mark Crockett will kickoff today’s session by welcoming MCAA President Bob Bolton, followed by keynote speaker Inky Johnson, who will talk about the importance of the Process over the Product.

The process is about what you become on your journey. The personal growth you achieve during the process is far more significant than the product.

If you focus solely on the goal you wish you meet, if you give yourself permission only to celebrate your accomplishments, you’ll completely miss out on one of the most amazing things about this whole process: your personal growth.

Former college football player and motivational speaker Inky Johnson will leads us through the process that helps us overcome challenges and form a better version of ourselves. Each step of the way, every hurdle and every success is an opportunity to reflect, to celebrate and to revise your process accordingly. By putting all of your attention on the end result, you’ll forget to take a look at all of the changes that are occurring as you’re finding your way.

Then join Mark for the presentation of the annual MSCA Everyday Hero Award. This award is a highly-anticipated feature of our conference where one special person is recognized for going beyond in their community, merely out of the kindness of their hearts and with a passion to make a difference. This individual’s contributions will be recognized, so don’t miss the celebration!

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