Educational Session #2 – Leading High-Performance Virtual Teams: Strategies for Succeeding with a Remote Workforce

As we enter a post-COVID world of work, leaders are faced with the challenge of reimagining and redesigning their organizations for a mobile-first culture in order to drive business performance and maintain cultural cohesiveness from afar. Shepherding a virtual future, especially one with a mixed workforce of essential in-person talent working with and alongside remote workers, will be the mandate for the modern leader.

In this program, Seth Mattison will unpack the opportunities our new virtual environment presents along with research, case studies, best practices, and key competencies leaders and managers will need to effectively support and lead a remote workforce and mobile-first future.
Attendees will gain:

  • Insight on the data of what drives real engagement with remote workers.
  • Perspective on the challenges of remote work isolation.
  • Strategies for helping people maintain productivity away from the office.
  • Techniques for maintaining human connection digitally.
  • Tips for developing resilient mindsets, routines, and rituals to support high performance.

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