Education Session: The UNstuck Challenge! Moving Your Team and Leadership to a Legacy Level

Are your team and organization exactly what you want them to be? Or do frustrations, sticking points, and other issues keep everything the way it has always been? Are you creating the story that you want told? As leaders in our organizations, we have a vision or goal of where we want to take our business. For a time, that vision motivates and inspires us. Eventually, obstacles, traps, and temptations appear on our journey. And in those times, we often do what we have always done and think as we have always thought. We get stuck!

This session is designed to challenge you to identify what obstacles may be in your way, keeping you and your team from leaning into your greatest potential. You will be challenged to make the shifts that need to happen in your leadership to take you and your organization to another level. You’ll be challenged to expand your perspective and understanding of the principles and practices that effective leaders use that lead to greater levels of influence, more fulfillment and satisfaction, and more fun! Are you up for it?

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