Education Session: The Thrill of the Hunt! Identify Tomorrow’s Leaders Within Your Existing Workforce


Not more managers or supervisors or babysitters, but people who can lead others somewhere they have never been before. The goal of leadership is to create a culture in which people can come to work and be the best version of themselves. And finding people that have the core competencies of an effective leader can seem to be an insurmountable challenge. Often, we simply settle by putting someone in a temporary position to “just fill in” until we can find the “right person.” Or, more often, a “successful” team member is promoted to leadership based on performance in their current role or longevity with the company, and it is just assumed that the success they have had will translate into being an effective leader.

But we all know that the characteristics, attitudes, and people skills it takes to lead don’t always come naturally. New leaders must be developed; they must learn and grow as a person and as a leader and continue to fine tune their leadership skills.

Meanwhile, we are doing damage to people under that person’s leadership and causing “culture sag” by the wrong people being in the wrong positions. Additionally, your credibility is diminishing by putting an ill-equipped person in a position of leadership.

Ensuring that a person can effectively transition into a leadership role is crucial to the success of the new leader, the people they lead, and the culture of the organization.

How do you train and develop leaders?

What do you look for in a leader?

How do you find the right people to lead your team and create your culture?

Do you have a system in place to identify those people who would make great leaders?

Is your culture set up to help people be the leader you need them to be?

And what makes a great leader in the first place?


This session will explore these questions and more!


WARNING: Mindset shift may need to occur!