Education Session: Hiring Your Next Technology: Mastering the Art of Technological Acquisition

Discover the transformative approach to integrating technology within your organization. Learn how to leverage and adapt the traditional hiring processes to successfully bring on the Technology your company needs and avoid the hype of new shiny tech. This dynamic session, “Hiring Your Next Technology,” will empower attendees with essential rules of thumb, tools, and mindset to discern the true value of technology in their business environments.
Participants will learn how to categorize and evaluate emerging technologies and grasp why proactive engagement and early adoption can significantly enhance operational efficiency and competitiveness. We introduce a novel strategy that utilizes both non-technical and technical perspectives, enabling informed, strategic decisions in technology selection that align directly with company processes.
This workshop will guide attendees through a unique ‘hiring’ process tailored for technology—starting with crafting a technology ‘resume,’ conducting a focused ‘job search,’ and finally, executing an ‘interview process’ to ensure the technology fits within the organizational culture and goals.
A detailed case study will walk participants through this entire methodology, demonstrating its effectiveness in a real-world scenario. This session is designed not just to inform but to transform how your company thinks about and integrates technology at every level.