Education Session: Building Resilience: Tackling Mental Health, Suicide, and Substance Misuse in our Industry

Year after year, the construction industry has suffered from a silent killer. Just a few years ago, AGC of America, powered by a couple of chapters, led the call to raise awareness. Now, the industry acknowledges the problem, and the question is, “What to do we do?”

Mr. Anderson will walk attendees through a captivating presentation, breaking down the current state of the industry, exploring the “why,” and discussing the stigma surrounding Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, and Substance Misuse. Throughout the session, it will become clear that we all are capable of “Creating HOPE Through ACTION”.

Moreover, this engaging discussion emphasizes the significance of compassion, support, and the daily opportunities presented to you as you embark on your own journey to take ACTION.

Upon completion, participants will have a better understanding of:

  • What is plaguing the industry,
  • What the contributing circumstances and/or root causes are,
  • Potential upstream intervention,
  • Signs someone may be experiencing a struggle up to crisis,
  • How to engage that individual,
  • How to become more knowledgeable of available resources, and
  • Proven best practices that can be implemented immediately.