Education Session #3 – Healthy Building Strategies and Awareness

On April 5th, 2021, ASHRAE released the following statement:
“Airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is significant and should be controlled. Changes to building operations, including the operation of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning systems, can reduce airborne exposures.””
This above statement replaced the April 2020 statement that said airborne transmission was “sufficiently likely” that airborne precautions should be taken. At that time both, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Diseases Control (CDC), contended that transmission of SARS-CoV2 was by droplet and fomite modes, not airborne.
Building owners and managers have a heightened awareness of indoor air (environmental) quality and the role that their HVAC systems can play in reducing transmission. As an MSCA member, and trusted HVAC service provider, we must make every effort to ensure our customers are knowledgeable about the facts and what practical strategies and actions can be deployed in their facilities to provide their occupants with a healthy environment. This session shall update you on the latest research on the airborne transmission of COVID-19 through air conditioning systems and prioritization of different strategies such as attaining “Outdoor Air Equivalency”. Our session speakers include ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Luke Leung, LEED Fellow, Team leader of “Commercial Building” for ASHRAE COVID19 task force and upcoming Vice Chair of the Environmental Health Committee. Luke is joined by MSCA member, Steve Horwood, VP of Business Development for GDI/Ainsworth, author of the comprehensive publication, “Building Systems: Workplace Re-Occupancy Planning”. Luke and Steve will help you understand how this new research can help you advise and guide customers as they continue to reopen their facilities and strive to maintain a safe and productive environment both during COVID to have healthy indoor air quality and beyond to healthy environmental quality

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