Education Session #2 – Break Through the Ceiling … Are You Flatlining, Failing, or Breaking Through?

When a company operates without a strategic plan the most successful leadership teams get stuck, and complexity and chaos begin to hinder your plans for growth. It may be time to tackle these challenges head on and break through to the next level in your business. Growth and scalability only happen when you are consistent in how you build your business.

One of the greatest misunderstandings of succession planning is that it’s only needed when it’s time to sell or pass the business along to the next generation. This could not be any less accurate. While succession planning is necessary for companies that are transitioning from one ownership group to another, it is also necessary if a company is going to scale and grow.

In this session we will cover how to:

  • Elevate and delegate to your unique ability and scale your business
  • Crystalize roles to improve accountability
  • Simplify and root out complexity as it grows in your organization
  • Break through the ceiling – Hitting the ceiling is a natural part of growing!

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