Bonus Program: The Art of the Thrive! Culture Conversations to Prepare You for Anything

In 2020 when teams were asked during a pandemic, “what is happening right now with the team?”, 90% of what they said was positive! How and why does that happen?

Crisis will come and go, but culture will remain through it all! When crisis does come we need to do more than just survive. We need to know how to use crisis and adversity to our favor. The survival mode makes for great TV shows and movies but is horrible in real life! When the survival mindset sets in, everything goes flat. So, what can leaders do to lead their teams and organizations in normal times and create a strong culture so when we hit disruption we are actually flourishing? What are some practices we can implement and foundations we can build that will sustain us through the “crisis” times?

In this session we will take an in depth look at some practical conversations we can have with our teams to prepare us for whatever comes our way. You will have a chance to practice those conversations in order to lead your team through them effectively. We will explore real stories of how teams thrived through loss, adversity, crisis and other unforeseen circumstances including an unprecedented worldwide pandemic! You will be challenged to examine your own mindset and beliefs about leadership, team and culture.

When the future is so unknowable a solid foundation, guiding principles and a strong culture is needed more than ever. When the world is rocked, will your world be rocked?

The cost for the Bonus Program is $450. Breakfast and lunch included.

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