Bonus Program: Process Mapping – The Thing You Know You Should Be Doing

You can’t measure your efficiency until you start to track it. For service contractors, much of your efficiency is heavily tied to your workflow and process. Mapping your project workflow is the first step to benchmarking, process improvement, and implementing supplemental technology that can improve technology.

In this special hands-on bonus program, contractors will work to map and compare their processes through process mapping—creating a visual flow chart of the end-to-end processes of an organization. It gives employees visibility of what they do, where it fits into the overall picture, and how it impacts other areas of the business and the customer.

By visualizing your processes, you drive time and money to the bottom line and better understand how new software can impact your company’s workflow. It also helps leaders avoid bottlenecks, automate as practical, and stop redundant work, leading to better end products for customers and happier team members.

MSCA has partnered with the John R. Gentille Foundation (JRGF) to bring this bonus program to you. Led by process mapping expert Jonathan Marsh and MSCA Contractors, it is the key to bringing this simple yet powerful tool into your office and across your organization.

By attending the session, you will come away with these key takeaways:

– A clear and concise understanding of how to process map

– A template for process mapping to take back to the office

– Contractor case studies on how they process mapped and the real-world benefits they received

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