Bonus Program: The Empowered Communicator

Get the conference started early with this interactive Bonus Program that focuses on refining your communication skills. Join Rebecca Scott Klein and Keith Klein of TALLsmall Productions as they help you learn how to not just communicate clearly, but how to approach difficult conversations, giving and receiving criticism, and gives you the tools to be a confident communicator.

This Bonus ProgramĀ  breaks out into four sections:

Communicate with Charisma, Clarity & Confidence– Through engaging exercises, learn to shed cluttered wording and embrace confident body language, ensuring your message resonates with clarity and conviction.
The Feedback Field– hone your abilities to give and receive constructive criticism with finesse, mastering the art of effective communication in both roles.
Navigating Tough Conversations & Conflict Resolution – acquire strategies to deftly navigate conflicts, recognizing and mitigating communication obstacles before they escalate.

Self-Talk & Communication– confront the internal dialogue that hinders your success, equipping yourself with tools to silence self-doubt and cultivate a mindset primed for achievement.

Please note: Breakfast and lunch are included.